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Who We Are

We are committed men, who recognize our need for God's help. We gather in Christ's presence in an atmosphere of trust, equality and confidentiality to share personal feelings and experiences. We unconditionally accept each other and prayerfully support one another.

Catholic Men’s Fellowship of WNY is to provide encouragement, opportunities, training and support to Catholic men of Western New York to build a personal relationship with Jesus Christ so that we may be better able to live a Spirit-filled life and encourage other men to do so as well.


We envision Catholic men guided by the Holy Spirit to be faith-filled followers of Jesus Christ and effective and committed servant leaders in our homes, parishes and communities.

Our Foundational Beliefs:

We believe that all Catholic men need to become committed servant leaders for our families and loved ones, the Church and communities.


We believe that in order to make this happen each Catholic man must:

  • Deepen his faith and relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • Experience God’s unconditional love through the Mass and daily prayer.

  • Be guided by the Holy Spirit to live his life as a man of God.

  • Share his faith with others.

  • Encourage other Catholic men through Christian support and brotherhood.


We believe that this life of faith can be strengthened, enriched and supported in Parish-based men’s fellowship groups.

We follow the teaching authority of the Catholic Church. Our Fellowship is made up of all WNY Catholic men, who, like us, are sinners, loved and forgiven by God.

Our Strategy:

In order to accomplish our Mission and achieve our Vision, we will:

  • Conduct an annual Men’s Fellowship Conference to bring together all Catholic Men in our area to renew our faith and strengthen our resolve to live Spirit-filled lives as committed Catholic men in our families, parishes and communities.

  • Facilitate, encourage and assist in the formation of parish men’s groups to provide support and brotherhood for Catholic men in each parish.

  • Provide resources and training opportunities to men who wish to create and lead men’s groups in parishes throughout the region.

  • Work with our Bishop, the clergy and other religious in Western New York to develop and support Catholic men capable and willing to act as servant leaders in each parish.

  • Collaborate with and support other Catholic organizations in their men’s ministries.

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